Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday's Tip!

Our poor Tammy is out sick today and so she asked me to post a tip for her. While reading the scrapbook discussion boards, someone posted a helpful thread that she ran across somewhere. I thought that I would share it with you.

Scrapbooking as an Art Form: Ten Principles of Design & Composition

A scrapbook is more than a photo album with a few cute stickers. It's a visual recording of your life and loves. A way to communicate with generations to come.It's also the basis of a multi-billion dollar industry - and it's an art form all in itself.Here are ten basic design principles to guide your own creativity and lend natural balance and flow to your scrapbook pages.

1. Designate your focal point, first thing, by choosing your layout's main photograph. Ask yourself, "Where do I want the viewer's attention to be drawn first?" Then you can choose your supplementary, supporting photographs, if appropriate.

2. Group accents and small embellishments in groups of three or five. Aesthetically, we are drawn to groupings that contain an odd number of items.

3. Place related accents close in proximity so the eye processes them as one unit.

4. Create a triangle on the page, placing photos or embellishments at each of the triangle's three points. Our eyes like that, too.

5. Create sections in multiples of two. Two sections or four sections are more aesthetically pleasing to our eyes than 3 or 5 sections.

6. Apply the "Rule of Thirds." Think of your page as a grid, divided into thirds horizontally and vertically. Place your focal point on one of the convergences of these lines.

7. Maintain balance with the size of your elements. Consider both the size and complexity of your page elements as you distribute them in your layout.

8. Achieve a natural sense of flow by placing the photographs so that the eyes of your subjects turn toward the center of the page - or toward your focal point.

9. Use repetition. Repeat shapes, textures, sizes, colors, or other attributes.

10. Sketch your favorite layouts in books and scrapbooking magazines. Try to determine which design principles are at work to create such visual appeal and work to incorporate those principles into your own layouts.

The first rule of art, of course, is not to be bound by rules. Now that you know the basics of what our eyes are naturally attracted to, see what kind of beauty you can create.


Anonymous said...

What a great tip ~ thanks so much Kristi. I especially like the rule to "not be bound by rules"!!


Bigtex_in_idaho said...

Great Tips Kristi! I'll be checking back at these myself. :)

mandbrid said...

I saw this on the boards and liked it too... I'm glad you shared it with everyone!

Scrap*Pieces said...

Great tips! I will be sure to use them! :)

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