Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Feedback Friday (On Tuesday?)

Ok so last month I apologized for being late with posting my feedback friday post- and here I am late again this month!!! Summer is just catching up with me and I find myself being away from the computer more and more! I hope you can all forgive me one more time!

Soooo the winner of the FREE box of Prima Belle Fleur Daisies is:

Comment #7 (chosen via random.org!)

Nan Paturzo please send me an email at adonia@cox.net so I can send you your prize!

For this week's Feedback Friday I was thinking it would be fun to discuss WHERE we scrapbook! Everyone has different places- whether it's a converted closet or in the backroom at your local scrapbook store- one thing is for sure- we almost always need more space LOL!

I have a finished attic room in my house that I have claimed for my own. It is small and sometimes I bump my head on the ceiling, but it's my space! It was decorated with ugly sunflowers when we bought the house and I haven't been bold enough to take down the wallpaper and paint up there yet!

Tell us about your space, or do you scrap outside of the home? What would you change about your scrap space if money didn't matter?

One lucky commenter will recieve a RAK from one of the PFOP gals, winner will be drawn next month!


scrapn4mygirlz said...

Great feedback idea ~ your attic sounds so cute, I would LOVE to see the big "ugly" flowers!!
I took over my husband's office, he went to the basement. So I have a whole room and I still need more room!! I really need to decorate, the walls are still painter's white and I have the prints (of my husbands) hanging in that are MONSTER'S INC. of all things. And I hate cartoons ~ my dh is all about animation LOL. I have wall pockets and a pretty mirror that I want to decorate with. So soon I'll hopefully paint and decorate my space.

Scrapmymemories said...

I dont have a huge house! But I am lucky enough to have a small room for all my goodies.... Although I dream of a big barn type of building where I would have all the papers colour co-ordinating around the room and the same goes for ribbons, flowers etc.
I would have a huge table in the middle where I could teach classes (rather than always a friends kitchen)
I would maybe sell stuff too!!! Oh the fun...... Back to dream land.

Cindy said...

I use the part of my living room that is meant as a dining area. We've never planned to use it for eating --we have a nook in the kitchen. It's better than no space, but the biggest drawback is that if it is messy the living rm is messy. If money were no object, I'd have a separate room for SBing/crafting.

Camille said...

I do mine at the kitchen table. Probably why I don't creat as many items. My supplies are all located upstairs so I have to cart everything out whenever I want to work. I'm thinking about rearranging a bit and moving everything downstairs to the office so it's more accessible.

Scrappy Nan said...

so exciting to win :)
i sent you an email with my address.

Kristi said...

I used to have a rather large bedroom in the house however I have a toddler that we want to move in there soon. So we have an equal in size large office with 3 entire walls wit built in shelves/closets. So we have half office, half craft/scrapbook room. I love it. It forced me to really clean out my supplies and keep what I really use. I love this room because I know that it will be permanent.

Dee Dee said...

I have one very cram-packed bookshelf and the kitchen table. :) I try to stay really organized so I can put things away by dinner time.

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