Thursday, August 14, 2008

This month Tuesday's tip is a Thursday tip!

Well, thankfully Thursday also starts with the letter "T" and today's tip is about getting your titles to line up to a "T" so we are looking good...

Thursday's Tip

Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to get sticker title letters to line up right? If so, try this: use a clear grid ruler. First draw a very soft pencil line where you want to line the title up. Next, adhere your letters to the ruler affixing only the base of the letters to the base of one of the grid lines in your ruler. (You'll probably want to choose a line that is 1/4" or so down from the upper edge of the ruler.) Adjust the stickers as necessary until they are straight and spaced to your liking. Once you have them straight and ready to go, place the ruler onto your page lining up the grid line you've used on the ruler with the one you traced onto your page and press down the tops of the letters and carefully peel the letters off the ruler to adhere the bottoms of letters to the page. Carefully erase the penciled line.

A couple of other good title tips:
  • Lay your title letters out first for spacing. Measure the length of all your letters and determine the center point. Then determine the center of the space available on your page for the title. Add the center letter and work out from there. (For rub-on or sticker title, cut your letters WITH their backing before arranging and measuring letters.)
  • If available title "real estate" on your page is tight, be sure to start your title from the right edge of paper and work backwards. This will keep you from running out of room before you run out of title.
Happy titling!


scrapn4mygirlz said...

Great ideas Cindy!! I especially like the idea of using the ruler with the stickers ~ brilliant!!

thanks so much,

scrapn4mygirlz said...
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The Shoup Family said...

Hey Krista what have you been up to?! So glad you stopped by to visit... it is so nice ot be able to chat from the convenience of your own home and at the whim of my own time table. I will sadly not be there this Saturday... I will be in OK City at the Temple... some dear friends just had an adoption finalize and they are having a ceremony for that in OK City. Please please enjoy for me... and update me if you get the chance. Hey now... keep in touch...


Camille said...

Great tips! My titles are always a mess and by the time I finish getting them straitened the sticky is starting to wear off.

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