Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome to Tuesday's Tips....

Well, Tuesday is not yet over so I am just in time to leave a tip for today ;-)
Papercraftprincess ~ Cindy had some great advice for journaling. Journaling is one of the most difficult parts of scrapbooking for me personally, but still so important. After reading Cindy's suggestions, I realized there are different levels of journaling. Here is what she suggested:

One is, at the very least journaling should include basic facts like a date, event, location, who is in the pics, etc. We've all seen or heard of someone finding or inheriting old photos or albums filled with unidentified people (probably relatives). So, even if you can't stand writing at least record the facts. Another tip is to use a calendar, journal or blog to record important details, your thoughts or feelings about things you want to scrap. Then you have that source to refer to when it is time to do the page. There are new products out there that make this even easier --journaling spots or tablets that you can jot your notes directly on to and save for later when you do the layout. The journaling is all done --you just adhere the note onto your page/s.

Thank you very much Cindy and if anyone has other suggestions or tips regarding journaling, please post them here.

Happy Scrapping,


Anonymous said...

Hi there Girls!
So this is what you have been up to the last couple of months?! Well done, its a great looking site! Love your Charity Album you have up at the moment. Best of Luck for that.
I must say that I do miss logging in and finding out whats on the go with everyone!
Happy ThanksGiving to you all. Don't quite know when it is, but I know its sometime soon!
Keep well and keep up the great work!

Scrap*Pieces said...

Great tip! Journaling is hard for me too, so this definiately helps a lot!

ahalversen (DBA) said...

I had never thought about future generations not knowing who was in the pictures, so that was a great eye opener for me! Thanks for the tips! This is fun :o)

Cindy said...

I just ran across this funny tip at a friend's blog and just had to share:
"When journaling, pretend you are standing over the shoulder of someone who is looking at your photos. Write down all the stuff you would normally annoyingly tell that person."

Bigtex_in_idaho said...

LOl! I love it Cindy. "annoying tell that person.."

The other day I was throwing away things from my kids backpacks and I cam across the reorder form for thier school pictures and decided to keep it to include int he scrapbook pages. 50 years from now people will be just as interested in the price we paid for pitures than in the actual pictures themselves. I know we were floored when we saw the hand written hospital bill from my fathers birth, $115.00 for a week long hospital stay!

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