Monday, January 7, 2008

Member Spotlight: Kristi Miller

Since the holidays are now over and our members are starting to get back into the swing of things, I figured I will take the opportunity to spotlight myself. It did not require contacting anyone and the information is super easy to write up. So here goes...

Kristi Miller

My name is Kristi Miller and I just turned 27 years old. I currently live in Caldwell Idaho which is a suburb about 25 miles from Boise, the state's capital. I was born in Rexburg Idaho but have lived in the Treasure Valley, as they call it, since I was about 5 years old. I have been for married for 7 years to a great guy named Jeff. We have a 21 month old named Gunnar and hope to have another baby soon. It has been so fun and rewarding to be a mom. It is far better than I had expected it. When I had Gunnar, we made the decision that I will stay at home and that is where I have been ever since. I went to Boise State University and was able to get an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. I just love the field but never did have a job in it. Jeff has a Bachelors Degree in the same field and actually does work in it. Going to college does pay off.

I have been scrapbooking since I was about 16 years old. My mom started with Creative Memories and then I took over my brother and sister's albums from there. My personal style is very simple with clean lines. I really like the focus to be on the pictures and am striving to do well on journaling the moment. I really enjoy scrapbooking because of the preserving aspect. I love to know that my photos will not be something unidentifiable. That generations down the line will be able to know who the people are, when the moment took place and maybe even where. It makes me sad to run across photo albums where nothing is documented. Scrapbooking is also a fun, rewarding outlet. I would have to say that my top 5 must haves are Fabritac, paper trimmer, cutter bees, lots of paper, and ribbon. I really don't eat when I am scrapping. If I do, it must be easy, messless finger foods. I started selling on Ebay shortly before my son was born. I started with a 12x12 ABC Baby Album that I made. I really had not sold anything prior to that and thought that I would give it a try. It sold and I was thrilled. I then listed an 8x8 version and it did not sell. I was bummed. Very shortly after that, I had Gunnar and used the smaller album for him. Boy was I incredibly happy that did not sell. It was awesome! It was all made up and all that I had to do was add photos and keep up with the journaling and it was already made by me. All finished with photos and journaling, these albums are so cute! I am inspired by all sorts of things. I get inspiration from everything that I see.

My favorite season is Fall and my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I think that is most likely because my birthday is right around and sometimes on the holiday. I just love the leaves, colors, pumpkins and smells of fall. My favorite food is a good Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich from Red Robin. I just love those teamed up with a Strawberry Freckled Lemonade. Yum! My favorite type of music is more alternative and some R&B. I am not picky but those are where my favorite groups reside. We currently have a 7 year old kitty named Sarah and two large mixed breed dogs. 'Kaika'mahine (daughter in Hawaiian) is a bloodhound/lab mix and Rusty is your all around mutt. If I could go anywhere in the world, it would have to be Egypt. The pyramids and things like that there just fascinate me. Second would have to be some place with a nice sandy beach.

I am just thrilled to be part of PFOP. About once a month I just marvel that I made it in when I stack myself up against the other members. They are such talented ladies. I just love being involved and have had such fun putting together these spotlights.

You are more than welcome to check out my auctions by clicking here!


scrapn4mygirlz said...

Great to get to know more about you Kristi! What are some of the alternative bands you like?? I wonder how much alternative has changed over the years...I LOVED alternative in the 80's ;-).


Shelley said...

Egypt, huh? Never thought about going there, but everytime I watch the Explorer Channel, I always find Egypt very facinating! It's nice to know you a little more!

Dee Dee said...

Great profile. I love Fall too with my birthday right after Thanksgiving. :)

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