Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday's Tips

Well, I hope this is helpful to some...
Today I read a quote under an ebayer's tag (I'm afraid I forget her user name...). She said "If life hands you lemons, grab the salt and tequila and call me over!" LOL ~ I really liked that one. With scrapbooking I know that for many of us, trying to correct our mistakes has created some wonderful NEW ideas and techniques.

The tip I would like to suggest is for paper bag albums. Many times I work on a cover and it comes out less than fantastic. Often the title is nice enough, just not as great as I would like it to be for a cover. In the past I would often try and work with it and change it and it would never be exactly what I wanted. Now, if I find it's just not working, I will use the piece somewhere else in the album and just start over. Then, I always LOVE my cover and have a really nice page in the album (or sometimes on the back).

So, if life hands you lemons......;-)

Happy Scrapping!

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