Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday's Tips will now be the first Tuesday of the month (and I kinda missed the boat this month!).

Today's tip is a great one ~ thanks Cindy!!!

"How to get four 5x7 mats from one 12x12 sheet of paper:
First, place your 12x12 paper into your paper trimmer and line it up to the 5" horizontal guide. Cut down to the 7" mark. You'll need to move the blade carefully watching the vertical blade as you cut. If your trimmer doesn't have a ruler on the vertical guide, just use a ruler to note where the 7" point is --place a post-it note at the correct spot. Be sure to stop cutting precisely at the 7" mark. Next, lift your blade off of the paper and rotate it 1/4 turn to the left (counter-clockwise). Place the paper again at the 5" horizontal guide and cut down again to the 7" mark. This time, your blade will intersect with your first cut. Move slowly enough that you do not go past the original cut. Remove your first 5" x 7" mat. Next, left the blade again and rotate the paper once more 1/4 turn counter clockwise. Place the paper once again at the 5" guide and cut down. This time you can run the blade as fast as you want as the first mat has been removed and there is no paper past the 7" mark. Lastly, lift the blade one last time, rotating the paper to the left again and align at 5" horizontal guide. Cut downward for one last time. You will now have four 5" x 7" mats and one small 2" x 2" square scrap from your original peice of paper.
Pretty nifty, huh?"

Happy Scrapping!


Scrapmymemories said...

Very cool! Thanks for the tip!

Kristi said...

This tip is just awesome! Love it!

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