Saturday, October 4, 2008

Feedback Fun

Yes, feedback fun is a bit of a cheesy title, I'll try to think of something more creative :) I always think of doing the feedback friday posts on a day that is NOT friday, so I'm changing the name! If you have any great suggestions leave it in your comment!! If I choose your name you'll win a free handmade card from me!

For today's "feedback fun" topic I'd like to talk about acid free and lignin free. I remember a few years ago it was Creative Memories' products big selling point- that everything was super archival safe and would last for a very long time. Now there are thousands of products available that are archival safe, and even a spray that can make something into an archival safe material. My question is- how important is af/lf to you?

It has never been a big thing for me- personally I like to create and I will often use whatever I think is the prettiest thing to go with my project- I have no clue if all the metal charms or tassles or other odds and ends are af/lf. In my opinion, if my grandma's photos are still doing fine in her old sticky albums, then my super cute paper bag albums are going to last long enough to be shared with several generations of family, and thats not to mention that the digital copies of my photos will always be there!

So- leave a comment and let us know how important acid and lignin free products are to you!


Zoe said...

Actually I have to agree with you, I couldnt give a monkeys! lol
All the pictures I scrap are either printed from the computer or copied so I never actually use the original in my personal LO's.

Camille said...

It's not important to me either. I mean I want he albums and pictures to last and all, but I'[m not overly concerned with checking every item.

Kristi M. said...

I too am not really that concerned with it.

Jewel Goodwin said...

I've seen some really sad things happen to the photos in other people's heritage albums ... yellowing, fading, little holes in them from glue acids, that I have to say wholeheartedly YES I care.

It's not just the photos that I want to last (I also have digital copies) it's all the 'me' in the layouts that I want to preserve. Some of my layouts from 10 years ago (my son's first year albums) have faded lines in the card stock where the glue has faded through ... and they were all done with 'safe' products from the craft store! I hate to see all that work dammaged. I want to do everything I can to see that the album I am making last and last.

For smaller gifty things, I am less careful. My cards I don't worry about - most people don't keep them anyways. But for my albums, af and lf really really matter to me.

I know we are all different, but for me it's not jut about the art and the creative process, it's about what I leave behind when I'm gone. Since my grandmother died, my mom and I have been going through old letters, albums, etc, and it is so sad how much information we have lost - words that can't be read because they are faded, photos that are blurry and yellowed...pieces of her that we can't hold on to.

Anyways, sorry to ramble. You asked :)

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