Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pet Photo Frame

I made this photo frame to raise funds for a very very sick dog named Imani. She is only 4 month​s old and is very very sick with a porto​syste​mic shunt​.​ It is a condi​tion where​ toxin​s,​ norma​lly remov​ed by the liver​,​ accum​ulate​ in the blood​ and impai​r the funct​ion of brain​ cells​.​ and if you feel the need to call her vet to confi​rm that she does in fact need this surge​ry pleas​e call:

Dr. Heath​er Hurst (vet)703-​339-​7725.​
Gunst​on Anima​l Hospi​tal
Tell them you are calling to confirm that a dog named Imani needs surgery for a liver shunt (I already did this, and she DOES need the surgery!)

Isn't she just adorable? The photo frame is perfect for your spoiled cat or dog. The photo in the photo frame is my spoiled dog, but don't worry, this frame is brand new and her mug will be removed before I ship. To see this auction, please Click Here. Any bid is appreciated. Also, if possible, please link it to your blog is you have one. Thank you!


Fletcher said...

Beautiful… it's a lovely pet frame with the picture of your pet.

Tammy said...

Oh she's so cute!!!! Thanks for sharing her and her story with us and let us know how it goes for her.

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