Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's New Wednesdays!

For those of your that have not jumped on the acrylic album band wagon, here is a chance to learn a little more about acrylic albums.  Clear Scraps sells great albums not only in acrylic but chipboard also.  I use them pretty often because they have a variety of shapes.

Here are some pictures of what they released at CHA 2009 summer.  It is a combination of clear acrylic shapes mixed in with chipboard.  This would be a great way to "ease" into acrylics without pressure.

Here is another way to "ease" into acrylics.  Just get the mini acrylics and start small.  Below is one of Clear Scraps new releases its a mini snowflake and they measure about 3x3.

Below is a picture of what one of the Clear Scraps designs did with the snow flake

I love trying new things, it gives me renewed inspiration and I like being challenged to keep me on my toes and my creativity going.  So why not try some thing new today.

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