Thursday, March 27, 2008

Member Spotlight: Dee Dee Roe

Our last to be spotlighted is our newest team member. Her creations are so full of energy and enthusiasm. You can't help but smile when you see them. We can't wait to get to know more about her.
Dee Dee Roe
Dee Dee is 27 years old and currently lives in Dallas, Texas Metroplex area. She mostly grew up in Texas but as a former Military brat, she has a hard time labeling anything home. She has been married to an amazing teacher for the last 6 years. Together they have a very spirited two year old daughter that loves to be chased in public. She does not work outside of the home. Some days she really misses the adult conversations and the appreciation for a job well done. Dee Dee has a Bachelors Degree in Secondary English Education and Intercultural Studies. She plans to start working on a Master's in English once she pays off her first school loan.
She has been scrapbooking since June 2007 when her husband took her to the Great American Scrapbook Convention (what a nice husband!). She loved seeing how people were creatively expressing themselves using such simple supplies. Her scrapbooking style is very simple. She loves to focus on blending colors and patterns as her base, and then she leaves room to let the photographs tell the heart of the story. Scrapbooking to her brings her so much pleasure because she felt that she has lived most of her life as uncreative. She loves to take a stack of supplies and create something totally surprising out of them. Dee Dee describes her top five scrapbooking must haves, "Everything starts with patterned paper. I didn’t even use a piece of solid colored cardstock for months after I started scrapbooking. I am also a sucker for ribbon and flowers, all colors and textures. Throw in a decent cutter and reliable adhesive, and I’m a happy girl." She tries not to munch when she scrapbooks because of the inevitable fingerprints, however she will keep peanut M&M's nearby for a quick and colorful pick me up. Dee Dee's journey with Ebay begain when she was looking for an alternative to making money for a trip to Thailand. She was exhausted of cleaning houses and babysitting and figured that there had to be a way to make money while doing something that she enjoyed. She made a paperbag album which sold immediately and now she has stuck with it for 6 months. Dee Dee is typically inspired by color. A certain hue will catch her eye, so she will then try to find paper and embellishments that capture that same excitement.
Dee Dee loves all seasons! She mentions that it one great thing about selling on Ebay, there is always something new to throw herself into. He favorite type of food is snacks. She loves things in small portions so she can snack throughout the day. She does not listen to music at all. She is aware that this is shocking! She is pretty sure that she could find something that she liked if she had unlimited funds to shop around, but she ends up turning the radio on which usually finds its way to talk radio. She has one cat and this is what she had to say about her. I found it pretty funny. "I have a very rascally cat named Mocha. She spends 20 hours a day sleeping, and 4 hours a night running around our house with a bushy tail chasing imaginary foes. She takes special delight in rolling things off my scrap table." Travel for Dee Dee evolves around the idea of making a difference with her time. She would love to go anywhere and work to help children that have been victims of child trafficking. A portion of her Ebay sales every month go into an account for organizations that help children get out of those situations.
Dee Dee's final words are quite funny and I really wish that I was like this. ": I love organizing and reorganizing my stash almost as much as actually creating something. It’s a bit crazy. I will find myself reorganizing ten minutes into a project. I put everything back into place every night even if I am in the middle of something."
We are so lucky to have found such a talented person. Her masterpieces are one of a kind. If you would like to check out her auctions please click here!

Monday, March 17, 2008

PFOP is now making a presence on Etsy

Have you heard of Etsy yet? It is a website for anything and everything handmade. It is just awesome and the talent on there is amazing!

Pocket Full of Papers is now present on Etsy. To search for our members on there, go to community and then teams and search for us there. In turn you will find our members that have Etsy shops.

If anything, check out all of the fantastic artists on Etsy.

Monday, March 10, 2008

March is National Craft Month!

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? Well, it is! So here are some tips on how to be more crafty this month (exerpted from

Get involved - Crafting doesn’t have to be something you do alone. Be part of something:

  • Take a class- try something new or brush up on old skills. Take a friend and share the experience.
  • Volunteer to share your crafting expertise- work with local scouting troops, nursing homes, your local library, after school programs or community centers.
  • Join a crafting club, quilting guild or attend a crop - Can’t find a local group? Start your own! Contact your local craft store if you need help spreading the word and getting started.
  • Connect with kids - Children of all ages love to craft. Use National Craft Month to get in on the fun with your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews!
Happy crafting!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday's Tips


I'm not so crazy about my handwriting. Yet, I try to write a little something on most of my layouts. One tip I read, was to include your initials and the date (in your handwriting ;-) on each layout. They are works of art afterall, so sign & date them like a true artist! That way anyone who enjoys your work, now and in the future to come, gets an 'authentic' glimpse of your personality through your handwriting.

Happy Scrappin
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