Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friends Challenge is LIVE!

PFOP is having a fun FRIENDS challenge this week!

Just a reminder that our "Friends Challenge" is now live at eBay. PFOP designers have paired up to bring you fantastic designs June 24th-30th in our "Friends Challenge". Each pair will be incorporating the same embellishment into their project, and showing off fantastic signature work.

Check out all our auctions to see how we teamed up by clicking here.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday's Tip

First Tuesday of June ~ yeah summer is almost here!!
Hope you're all having a happy spring!

I've really been enjoying stamping, still feel like a novice, but having lots of fun.
I have noticed that I don't always get it perfect with stamping or inking. But I do remind myself that that is part of the charm with stamping and inking ~ right??

Something helpful, if I do smudge a little or get a finger print (I know, UNTHINKABLE, but I've done it)....I use an eraser. It cleans it up quite nice. As long as it's a good eraser, nice soft one. Don't rub too hard, especially on colour paper, it can rub the colour off. That's my little secret.

I'd love to hear what you all do....

happy scrapping,

Feedback Friday (On Tuesday?)

Ok so last month I apologized for being late with posting my feedback friday post- and here I am late again this month!!! Summer is just catching up with me and I find myself being away from the computer more and more! I hope you can all forgive me one more time!

Soooo the winner of the FREE box of Prima Belle Fleur Daisies is:

Comment #7 (chosen via!)

Nan Paturzo please send me an email at so I can send you your prize!

For this week's Feedback Friday I was thinking it would be fun to discuss WHERE we scrapbook! Everyone has different places- whether it's a converted closet or in the backroom at your local scrapbook store- one thing is for sure- we almost always need more space LOL!

I have a finished attic room in my house that I have claimed for my own. It is small and sometimes I bump my head on the ceiling, but it's my space! It was decorated with ugly sunflowers when we bought the house and I haven't been bold enough to take down the wallpaper and paint up there yet!

Tell us about your space, or do you scrap outside of the home? What would you change about your scrap space if money didn't matter?

One lucky commenter will recieve a RAK from one of the PFOP gals, winner will be drawn next month!
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