Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Member Spotlight: Camille Serra McClelland

Our next spotlight is a fantastic member. She was the brains behind this group. Thanks to her, we are altogether, creating great things for you. Her creativity is like no other. We are thrilled to have her as our group leader.

Camille Serra McClelland

Camille is 31 years old. She currently lives in Meridian, Idaho but grew up in Eagle, Idaho. Both are suburbs of Boise which is the capital city of Idaho. She has a great husband named Andy and 3 wonder children: Noah (8), Jennica (5) and Aaron (3). She is a stay-at-home mom with an honorary degree of momhood.
She has been scrapbooking since 1997 but seriously since 2004. She would describe her style has 3-dimensional. Not really a style but she can not make anything flat. If you check out her acrylic creations, you will understand. After that, she would describe herself as shabby chic eclectic. When asked why she enjoys scrapbooking, this is what she had to say, "It's a great creative outlet, and relatively inexpensive. It's also such a versital skill that once developed can be applied to so many other crafts, ie, magnetic boards, handmade cards, bulletin boards. The options are endless when you have developed papercrafting skills." Fabritac, crop-a-dile, chalks, inks, and rubons are considered her top five must haves in scrapbooking. Her favorite scrap snack is Baked Carmel Corn. The recipe is 12 cups popcorn, 1 cup butter, I cup Brown Sugar. Combine butter and brown Sugar and bring to boil. Pour over popcorn and stir till evenly coated. Spread popcorn on cookie sheet or Jelly Roll pan and back at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes, stiring once. After popcorn cools it is not sticky and nice and crunchy. Sometimes she will add nuts. YUM! Nature is a great inspiration for what she creates, as well as the holidays and the many beautiful patterned papers and embellishments.

She started selling on Ebay as a contract seller for an international scrapbooking company to liquidate excess inventory and discontinued and slightly damaged products. At the peak of her business she was closing about 500 listings per week, with at least 30% of my purchases being made internationally. After my sales contract ended she has picked up small contracts with individuals and small local companies. Lately she has been selling more and more premades created by herself, and representing others less and less. She is in the process of completeing the eBay Education Specialist Program, in the hope of teach more people to sell for themselves.

Her favorite holiday is Christmas mostly for the food. Her favorite type of music is soothing music. Do you call that soft rock, she asks?! Her favorite foods are chocolate with mint, avocados, artichokes, steak with sauted onions and mushrooms, bisque soups-it was lunch time when she wrote this, can you tell. She currently does not have any pets but will be getting a kitten from another one of our members (mandbrid) for her kids for Christmas-Shhh, don't tell them! If she could travel anywhere in the world she would undoubtedly go to Australia. Her best friend lives there. Even though they email everyday, they have never met in person.

Asked if there was anything else that she would like to add, this is what she wrote, "I had the opportunity to attend the US of eBay fly in business summit in Washington DC this year. It was AMAZING. I had the opportunity to meet with my state senators to discuss my position on the Streamline Sales Tax Proposal (SSTP.) The intent of this proposal is to require ALL online Unites States sellers to charge sales tax based on the location on their buyer. There is currently a $5 mil excemption built into the proposal, however it is scheduled to be fazed out withion 5 years. Thirty States have already joined the proposal. I strongly feel the SSTP would dramatically damage individuals and small businesses ability to sell online, and I urge all US online sellers to contact their state senators and congressmen and express their position."

Camille has proven to be such a great ambassador for Ebay as well as Pocket Full or Papers. We love her talent and are blessed to her have as part of PFOP. We all can not wait to see her completed Christmas Village in acrylic albums!
Click here for her great auctions on Ebay!


mandbrid said...

That is a great idea Tammy...You just saved me from boxes and boxes filled with doodles! Thanks!

mandbrid said...

yay Cam!

Bigtex_in_idaho said...

Thanks Kristi! You're a great writer. Cam

gabbi said...

Hi, how do i become a member of pfop? I love everyones blog and their work is just darling. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!

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