Saturday, November 14, 2009

Inspiration Alley -- November 14, 2009

Good Saturday morning crafters! (When I typed that, I felt like Ty Pennington when he yells on Extreme Makeover Home Edition -- LOL.) I hope you're all having a great beginning to your weekend. I can actually see sunshine this morning. I haven't seen the sun in 4 days. We had 4 inches of rain this week from tropical storm Ida. I am so ready for the sun!

And to inspire me, and all of you, this morning, I've chosen Linda Duke's blog entitled "Linda's Works of Heart." What a cool name for a blog. And Linda's work is definitely a work of art too. She does beautiful work. I enjoy looking at her blog and being inspired by so many gorgeous things she creates. I know you will too!

1 comment:

Linda D said...

Oh my.... Thank you so much Tammy for the kind words about my blog/work. After looking through the "art" posted here on your blog, I'm honored to be mentioned. Thank you again, and I LOVE your blog ;)

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